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Lodge 49 1x04 "Sunday" mai Harley Quinn 1x11 "Harley Quinn Highway"

Fed up with her dead end job at a call centre, and with dreams of being a star one day, Holly applied for a new reality TV show.

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She couldn't know it was to catapult her into fame and make her one of the most recognisable faces on British TV. Fame and fortune, though, came at a price - the road from the call centre to the celebrity circuit has been far from smooth.

Holly owes her success to a very simple change of look, which involved both a new bottle of red hair dye and a new found confidence.

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Ever since then, audiences have been in stitches as they watch Holly and her flame-red hair flirt her way around Newcastle's famed 'Diamond Strip' and places further afield such as Magaluf, Cancun and Australia.

Part of Holy's journey has been to reinvent herself by taking on a lifestyle change. Her diet and fitness programme which can now be followed in Holly Hagan's Body Bible in print, ebook and as an app has transformed her look.

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