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I certainly recommend it! Integrates with daily activity trackers and step trackers. On the frame you will find a bottle holder that will help in keeping the drinking regime. Kas tõlkida kirjeldus Google'i tõlke abil eesti keelde?

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Küsimuste tekkimisel palun võtta ühendust klienditeenindusega. Are you looking for a reliable machine for a home workout?

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Here you go! Since it is electronically controlled, you can choose from 16 resistance levels or 6 programs with preset profiles right on the display!

I started to add 1 or 2 HIIT workouts every week. What is HIIT exactly? It involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.

There are also HRC programs that automatically adjust the resistance to keep the user in the Fat Burning Zone Bike heart rate zone. The Recovery program will come in handy after your workout.

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The water bottle and tablet holders ensure a perfect training experience. Apart from 6 preset programs, it also has an HRC program for effective fat burning there are 3 versions of the program. The Recovery program calculates your recovery after the workout while the FAT program calculates your estimated body fat percentage.

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Comfort First The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, so users of all heights will have no problem finding the best sitting position. It will also come in handy when the machine is used by more than one member of the family!

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The magnetic braking system ensures smooth and quiet running. Even though the machine is relatively heavy 30 kgyou will have no problem moving it from one place to another thanks to transportation wheels.

Electronically controlled exercise bike for intense home workout Magnetic braking system ensures quiet running Variety of programs.

Tooteinfo Tooteinfo on tõlkimisel. Küsimuste tekkimisel palun võtta ühendust klienditeenindusega. One of the best exercise bikes for home use on the market, the Exercise Bike inSPORTline Valdosa combines a stylish ergonomic design, reliability and functionality. It will help you improve your fitness, lose weight and strengthen your leg muscles from the comfort of your home. This machine is not only effective but also extremely comfortable — you can adjust the position both horizontal and vertical of the wide seat to fit your height.