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Found some really good excercises from the book Convict Conditioning parts 1 and 2 by Paul Wade. Back to the problems of humankind ; We need to lose all borders of earth and form UNE United Nations of Earth All resources must be planetized , meaning that oil and gas are not owned by the private companies or few countries, but oil and gas and every other natural resource belong to all mankind and have to be devided equally between Earth's regions by a principal of need and reason. True reasons behind rebillions in those countries are not politycal , but purely economical- because of climate change and vast attack of deserts in those religions people suffer from hunger and thirst. The word "harmony" rings a bell or two in my head : Everybody needs harmony-in fact all mankind needs it desperately.

Just looked now how bent the lines are and laughed a mouthful : but you will understand anyway. Been doing yoga and weightlifting martial arts are forbidden yoga has given more than thought to be possible and opened a whole new world. We are what we think we are thats a truth which seems a cliche on a first look, but if you dig into it you have to admit that it is literally so.

Right, that's enough for the first day of writing. You can laugh my friend but the feeling right now is content- did keep the promise and put those first words on paper. Was an ordinary day. Lifted some weights in the morning Shoulder20 minutes of bicycle before that to warm up. Visited Fat Burner JYM Stoppla doctor, she's a good one especially considering the circumstances: Spoke to a friend and a loved woman, so in good mood and harmony. The word "harmony" rings a bell or two in my head : Everybody needs harmony-in fact all mankind needs it desperately.

If humanity will not find harmony with our home earth and all Fat Burner JYM Stoppla rest of it's inhabitants, then in a few hundered years the planet will look a lot like Mars now. The pereiod of time might be a lot shorter too. A wise man once said that everybody should have a good life and best put it on paper and start makeing a plan how to do it.

Have given a lot of thought to that here. The main goal in life is to turn humanity into harmony with itself, Earth and Universe himself herself What do you say to that or how you do it?

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Have read a ton of literature on religion, astronomy, economy, history, psychology and etc. One of the main conclusions is, that the gratest power humanity ever possessed is human brain and it's thoughts.

On hommik, 8.

Brain has 3in1 -generateing organizing and destructing powers all together in one vessel. On how we use these powers depends the fate of us and Earth.

That is how you do it!

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Enough for today, good night and God Bless! On 4 hours opened is divided to 3 parts: 8. Today in the morning 20 minutes of bicycle, some pullups and a kundalini yoga serie of excercises to calm the mind.

Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea Fat Burner JYM Stoppla nimi: Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea Rehab aadress: 1 pronkspunkt N, Swansea, Illinois Kas Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea on maailma parim rehabilitatsioon: ei Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea sõltuvuste ravi Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea telefon: Gateway Foundationi alkoholi- ja narkomaaniaravikeskused - Swansea E-post: contactus gatewayfoundation. Morisky vidina MMAS-8 opioidide kasutamise häirete hindamine ei mõõda mitte ainult buprenorfiini ja metadooni järgimise taset, vidin tuvastab, miks patsient ei kasuta opioidiravimite asendusravi, sihtimist ja kohandatud sekkumisi, mis võivad optimeerida ravi järgimist MAT-ga. Morisky vidin koostab ka meditsiinilise lepitamise protokolli polüfarmatseetiliste probleemidega OUD-patsientidele, et vähendada opioidide üleannustamise riski nt bensodiasepiini kasutamine, neerupuudulikkus, uneapnoe.

Today a good friend of mine come to see me, to short time hours visits through a bullet proof glass and talking through the phone while looking at each other through the glass: are allowed. Every time somebody comes the head is later full of images of what the visitor said and described : The room where sitting during the visit is small like a phone booth and badly ventilated, so after two hours my astmatic lungs they diagnosed me with astma this summer start to abject strongly. Still the pleasure and happiness out of seeing and hearing a true friend overwhelms a lack of oxygen : The books you sent me are good!

Thanks again. Faith is important, in fact faith is one of the most inportant things in life. If you truly believe in somethinghave real faith in it, you can be sure, one day it becomes true. More to itif you focuse your mind from and when exactly things wished must come true then the only thing left to do is to put all willpower behind that focuse and here it comes!

All the best and God bless! Was lazy yesterday, today holding the pen again. Played some pingpong yesterday and read some pages of Quran. Quran admits that God is one for all 3 big monodeistic religions -Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Considering that, the amount of blood lives shed to solve differences between them is outrageous.

Have read Bible a lot in life but now after Fat Burner JYM Stoppla the holy books of other religions and a lot of science too start to understand all the God theme from a different angle. Yoga gives the connection to the universal energy field that connects everything in universe and reading necessary knowledge to put recieved information into that field into words.

We all live in that field holy Fat Burner JYM Stoppla, Life Force, call it what you want we all live literally in God our universe, our god Every last human being on planet is a child of God universe If anybody asks where is the proof of that- everything and everyone is made made from the body and energy of God our universe and is therefore a child of God universe There are of course other methods becide yoga which help to advance in understanding-praying, concentration, meditation etc.

To go forward from here- sure that our universe is living in Multiverse Mangverse where these astonishing creatures live, love, merge and form new ones. But let that be a theme for another day. To come to more earthly matters, have you heard of new internet investment company called Bondkick? Their ICO initial Coin offering is on november the 6th.

Thinking different possibilities will appear if the company is trustworthy: On top of everything else today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and its dry.

Imagine that in Estonia : Hopefully will do some excercise bicycke biceps in the evening opening time. On that positive note my friend God bless and talk to you soon! Already found out about the Bondkick- it's very propably an affair and not worth wasting time on. Just finished training 20 minutes of bicycle pullups and parallel bars.

In the morning did some Kundalini yoga too.

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Most religions say Islam, Cristianity Judaism for sure that God made humanity using His image, thats why most people look in the mirror and think that God must look more or less the same : If you look at the human connectome three dimensional picture of human brain's neuronal activity and the picture of our known universe, thats when things start to clear a bit.

Those pictures are so much alike, they mach so precisely that calling it coincidence is a hard thing to do. Our universe our Godcreated us exactly in His Her image. Knowing a bit or two about astrophysics and neurological brain science too, can say that even processes happaening in universe and in human brain look alike.

There are a lot of people who are afraid of dying because religion tells them that if they do not believe enough they will die and stay so! We will all be resurected, because both energy and matter cannot dissappear, they can only transform. Faith is a powerful tool, whatever you will believe will happen to Fat Burner JYM Stoppla after death transforming comes true, that by the way goes for the life in this side of transformation aswell: Really hungry, have to go eat something God bless and maje Your wish: When understanding that every human being is part of living God universethat everyone is Gods universe's son or daughter, strenght and harmony will start to grow inside.

Lonelyness dissapears: Anyone saying one must fear God is mislead, fear is destructive emotion, therefore it cannot build a bridge between man and God, it can only destroy it. We have a small model of God universe in our heads wrote earlier about similarity of 3d neuronal brain image pictures and pictures of known universe just have to use it : That is by the way explanation of the old truth one must start to look for the God from inside.

An interesting fact- doing physical Fat Burner JYM Stoppla mentally or physically will give the same effect after few weeks of getting used to doing them mentally. Doing them mentally and physically both in the same time gives you tripple effect, all you have to do is focus : God bless!

Talk to you soon. On Tuesday a loved woman came to see, so on Wednesday and Thursday was still under the impression of that visit. Will bow in front of that wonan anytime-if being with her gives any of her honesty, determination and sacrifice, at least a tiny Fat Burner JYM Stoppla, then leading mankind to harmony and happiness is a okay job: Did those days Kundalini yoga kriyas, meditations attached to them and some breathing excercises. Almost forgot Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff and their Yoga anatomy Those three books and their contents have been true friends on a journey in Estonian Penitentiary system and helped more than is possible to put into words.

Every good mental practice says, that whatever you look for, start from yourself. Than more digging into that truth than more true it comes. Been lucky in life with people, have met many people who make proud just by knowing them. Met some real monsters too and when started to dig in abyss of the soul, found out that most of the monsters fall into the dark and destructive periods in own life.

Meaning- what kind of energy and mentality is ruling in one, that kind of one attracts. Of course the greatest of us turn monsters to love and harmony : Postitivity and harmony attract positivity and harmony and negativity and destruction attract negativity and destruction.

That rule goes for every relation. This is something mankind has to seriously consider about it's relation to Mother Earth and God Universe. That is if we want to live and survive at all of course : One can compare mankind's relation to Earth to a man's relation with bacteria living on him. In case of good bacteries a smart man tries to keep them and feed them the bacteries that live in digestive system and help it function for example:.

In case of bacteries being bad a smart man tries to kill them. For example we eat antibiotics to kill vimses etc. If a man cannot overpower the bad bacteries he DIES. Same goes for the Earth, mankind takes out Sudame loogisageduse treening rasva poletamine Earth's ecosystem for more than it gives, so we are bad bactereies: So mother Earth will try to kill us- Fat Burner JYM Stoppla storms, volcano eruptions, dropping the oxygen level in atmosphere and the magnetic field that surrounds the planet and protects us from deadly cosmic radiation.

The catch is, that organic life on planet Earth will die with us-humans. With God universe it's even easier, if we become nuisance to the Universe God We will simply be hit Fat Burner JYM Stoppla some large asteroid and voila- here comes the Judgement Day promised in Bible, Quran and Torah.

To avoid those really unpleasant scenarios we have to ecknowledge that we are part of a beatiful planet, that Mother Earths fate and ours are intertwined, Everyone of us have to look INSIDE and ask a question: what we can to help other people and our planet? Only then we have hope.

God universe bless and talk to You soon : Today was a library day, meaning that today was the one day in two weeks a guy form ordinary unit yellow unit in this case comes with an iron shelf on wheels full of books and we can choose 5 books per person. Library is actually good, for prison epecially- it combines some books and choice is good too.

Yesterday did byceps, triceps and while walking remembered few moves from M. Its absolutely crucial to find a moment in every day at least half an hour would be good and gather your thoughts, then put them forvard to Universe God God universe will give you exactly what you want, all you need to do is focuse and believe in your wishes coming true.

Than better You form your pray, than clearer it is, than better it reaches Universe god and bigger the chance it coming true. As every art it needs practice to become a perfection and of course you have to keep yourself focused on your wishes coming true all the time, but a daily moment to adress Universe God is very important.

Kasutaja: sore

Here is an example- always wanted to have time to read and study, to think important things in life through properly. For almost two years now had a wonderful opportunity to think about important matters, read and study:.

Universe god fulfills Your every wish if you focuse and believe. Did some weightlifting in the morning, was a shoulder and breast day. Here our list of personal belongings is not very tall: We have two pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of long uniform, a jacket, scarf, hat, gloves and 4 T-shirts, they are all dark brown colour, which does remind you Then state gives you a spoon irontwo bowls iron and a teacup iron too : You can buy plastic spoons, forks and knives: If you can pay for Fat Burner JYM Stoppla electricity and have money to buy them, then you are having 18inches TV and electric kettle for water aswell.

Hygien belongings, 5 books from library and 5 of your own and some 4 pair of shoes and thats about it. Ah, you can buy a wrist watch or if you came here with your own you can keep it. Prison administration is so generous of course and forgives if forgot anything : The point is, that get used to have little amount of belongings and its easier to live that way things if there are many take your time away. Buddist monk should have 7 things if remember right, maybe that's an exxageration for the ordinary peoplebut the fact is- than less than better.

You remember very well, how it was outside-expensive cars, watches, clothes, houses and etc. We all consume too much, we change clothes and phones and all the cest of little things few times a year which really is crazy. Our footprint in Earth's ecology is so large that the one of T-REX will seem like ant's in comparization : Mankind values things, it has to value each other and all the living beings.

When we have less things, we start to notice each other more too. Only hard currency here is knowledge, so back to reading and drinking from Eternal Well of Knowledge : Universe God bless and keep safe! Pushing it to the limit, pulse rate on maximum. After the contents of the stomach want to come and see the light : and its hard to breathe.

But in minutes later felt wonderful and the whole thing is worth it- it changes the gear in body. Back to the problems of humankind ; We need to lose all borders of earth and form UNE United Nations of Earth All resources must be planetizedFat Burner JYM Stoppla that oil and gas are not owned by the private companies or few countries, but oil and gas and every other natural resource belong to all mankind and have to be devided equally between Earth's regions by a principal of need and reason.

All means so far invested into weaponry, armies, border controls and etc. Every man and woman on Earth have to be granted food, medicine and roof above their heads. There is no doubt that everyone of Earths 7. If we want to do that we need to get united, we need to remember that we are the children of one Earth and one God universe so we need to act like ones too.

Thinking about United Earth where everyone considers the interests of the other people and the whole planet, brings into mind endless possibilities : Those are the directions we need to grow and go. God Universe bless and talk to you soon :!

On 16th did HIIT on bicycle- 20 seconds of maximum effort, then 20 sec. Like that 5 max- is and 5 normals in one cycle, then 1 minute of rest and a new cycle.

Did 5 cycles, meaning 19 minutes of burning with bright flame : Yeesterday did a cross fit training on Fat Burner JYM Stoppla lifting machine and parallel bars, 1 exercise of triceps 7 liftsone of biceps 7again one biceps and triceps then one serie of abdominals and concluding 5 dips of parallel bars, all that in one row without rest. Then 1 minute rest, did 5 rows, took 22 minutes alltogether.

Putting a maximum effort into short period of time has its advantage- better oxygen and fat absorbation later specialist say effect remains for 48 hours.

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Allthough those with weak heart or Fat Burner JYM Stoppla body in a bad shape should be careful. Feeling like emty sock right after the training is normal. But after 30min to 1hour after the training the feeling is wonderful : at least should be. Read from medical article that breathing through the mouth in normal non-stress situation causes a load of problems starting from caries and ending with a bad body posture. Have to breathe through the nose and tongue must be put into the ceiling of the mouth the tip behind the upper teeth.

THose medics interviewed in the article are serious specialists Triin Jagomägi, Liis Linde and comes out what they are saying is common knowledge these days. To confess here and now- did not have a clue about all that, thats why decided to put it down on paper, to remember better: Especially important is all that nose- tongue business for kids during their groth period. So the old saying "hold your tongue behind your teeth" is literally good for you in Fat Burner JYM Stoppla aspect : Just finished another FIIT or cease fit what ever you may call it and hands are shakeing so bad, that will continue later : Did mixed breast-shoulder-abdominal 23 minutes.

Every long row contained 2 breast series 7lifts each 3 shoulders max lifts and 2 abdominals series maxdid 5 long rows and now after eating, reading, 1. Satan is fiction invented by people too lazy to control their dark side or by people very eager to use it and let it dominate.

D Generator, Organizer, Destroyer has both generateing and destroying aspect, the light will always fade into darkness and darkness will always burst into light.


It is up to us how we use those two. You can use light generating side to bring into life something that brings darkness Nobel inventing dynamite: Or you can use darkness destroying side to bring something into life the same Nobel using Dynamite money for creating the fund for rewarding those who have done something remarkable : thats full of life. Universe bless us all.

Yesterday while having our walk After those 19 minutes and burpees felt like 2. Today did a Kundalini yoga kriya to calm and stabilize the mind and a medication suitable for that kriya.

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Felt like real bless after yesterdays hellish experience : Today is one of those London weather days- everything is wet and humid and chill creeps into bones. It snowed a little yesterday and melt today. So the prison is melting and inside a foggy cloud. Its also one of those days, when focusing on something useful helps to get by.

Will put down few words daily as promised for more than a year now :

So will go and read something that will give me a new piece of knowledge : Really hope, that you and all my other friends are Ok out there, when saying words of prayer into the silence of the Universe in early morning or late night, always remember about You all, Universe to guide us all. First good news of the day was that local Cristian chaplan Justinus came to seehad a refreshing one and a half hour teological dispute.

Have to honour him, the guy is dedicated, he truly believes what he says and is as open minded as he can be. So what a finding for this establishment. It is a race where mankinds fate is tied to the winning horse- should greed and destruction win, so we die with that win.

Should unselfishness and generation win then we prosper. God universe is looking at that race as a statist and gives generously what we deserve, depending on what horse we arrive at finish : In a sense of society we have been going backwards since the tribal times in stone age. This was the best society of humanity since the dawn of man to this day. As histoy and science tell us in stone age tribal society the means Fat Burner JYM Stoppla and food etc.

In general everybody did what they could and shared the outcome. Nobody could behave really badly, because for real bad behaviours there was only one punishment and Fat Burner JYM Stoppla was expelling from the tribe wich meant death.

Telli meie uudiskiri

Tribal order is a form of society we have to take as an example. Fat Burner JYM Stoppla the way Jews know the advantages of that order better than anyone, in Israel there are a lot settlements which live in tribal way, if remembering correct the Israelis cibbut or something like that : Even the Jews living in big megapolises still remanin are united community.

Which is the most prospering nation of the world- without any doubt the Jews : Did today during the walk a cross fit training, 20 minutes- Push ups starting from 12, abdominals laying on the back, starting from 12, 12 pushups, then 12 abdominals, 11 and 11 and etc.

It means together pushups and abdominals. After that remembered m arts. Exhausting but satisfying.

Fat Burner JYM Stoppla Rasva poletavad aminod

On saturday the Kryia for strenghtening the immune system and the meditation that goes with it. Yoga opens the deeper angle for looking at things. That means we spend our nights in almost airless tank : Having asthma it means that in the morning the feeling is comparable to a fish's on a bottom of the emty pond : At night and especially in early mornings strange thoughts come in this quiet airless space, everything starts to look in more darker colours.

Science says that when the brain does not have enough oxygen it starts to ring all alarm bells possible and for that the anxiety and total error comes : Later when doors are open or while having our 1 hour walk in fresh air and the meter of oxygen in body is back to normal again laughed more than once on surreal airless thoughts :.

The deepest and the darkest monsters and thoughts and fears crawl out Fat Burner JYM Stoppla the dephts of the soul while there is no oxygen to breathed, it is a good training for the mind actually.

Whoever goes through that for hours and hours daily will become stronger, calmer, more focused and determined. That is of course if one takes it as training, if one takes it as torture, it can break :. The airless state of body and mind also gives a better view of fears- which are reak and wich are not. Non oxygen state also makes one value here and now, it is important to live and survive here and now, tomorrow moves further away.

It was snowing for the few days, worked hard to clean the walking area on the roof. There are 16 boxes and a common coridor up there, so when snow is even 5 cm thickit's quite an effort : Work as a cleaner of the walking areas for half a year now. It gives an additional hour of fresh air every day work 1 hour daily for the asthmatic lungs it's a bless.

Anyway it's a prison policy that everybody works and if you don't then they are considered as part of criminal subculture and put into solitary without books except religionalTV, personal belongings and you don't have right to training and the use of prison shop. You are closed for 23hours daily, the only time you go somewhere is a walking hour. Do work in the walking areas because first of all my asthma suggests that fresh air is essential : But also want to read, study, train and eat normally.

Most important really is, that takes the ace out of administration's hand, they can't say anything about the subculture, belonging to criminal organization or something else similarily ridiculous : Working or not working plays a heavy role in court when early parole is decided. Most of those who work go out and those who don't stay.

In the end it's a personal choice for everybody, chosed reading, training studying and getting out of this establishment as early as possible : And of course it is a question of the day which way you are more humiliated criminal subculture says that working for administration is humiliating working an hour daily and living Fat Burner JYM Stoppla good as possible here or staying basically naked stripped out of everything in solitary.

Universe to bless! On weightlifting machine on saturday, the exhaustion still feels all over. Started to read Stephen Hawking's "Universe in a peanut shell" It' published in and it's just amazing how much science has gone forward since then.

Try to keep pace with the newest discoveries and there are things Hawking did not have a clue about in and yet they are common knowledge. And Hawking is one of the greatest minds ever lived on a planet. We already know so much about the universe, galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter and etc, and yet we understand so little about ourselves and how we should merge into greater picture : Convinced by now that the greatest battle ever fought goes on every day between two ears of every member of the Human race: Our greatest enemy looks at us from a mirror.

Turning Fat Burner JYM Stoppla enemy to allie means the greatest victory of all times. Our brain is kind of supercomputerwhatever orders the owner gives it, whatever algorhythms are written on screen and the enter button is pushed, it follows willingly and with precision: Right now we are on step away of pushing Delete as a species.

All we need to do is write more love and compassion, careing and understanding into the algorhythms of our brain and we move from the "Delete" button. If one works with himself daily it's quite easy to change the attitude towards the fellow man, the Earth and Universe in general. But one have to work on his attitude daily. Fat Burner JYM Stoppla need to win this battle between two ears, and we'll be living in paradise soon: Universe to bless!

Fat Burner JYM Stoppla took a great effort to start writing again, but when the first lines appear on the paper it opens something inside too, so science seems to be right, reading and especially writing is essential for brain training. Brain is just a muscle of the body like any other- biceps or triceps, if you train the muscles of the body it grows strong and flexible, not doing anything means degeneration.

IT is exactly the same for the brain, using it, putting new information into it, working with that information and analyzing the outcome gives the brain possibility to Fat Burner JYM Stoppla, to create neuronal connections.

If you don't use your brain, it just goes It says learning foreign languages can even stop Alzheimer and other brain deseases to appear if learned in older age. So it is Christmas time coming and that is a time for meditation in this place. Thinking about everyone and everything whats dear, letting through what went wrong and what went right, imagining the future in desirable way to the smallest details : Finished the Sephen Hawking book and it occured how long way we have come from the stone age and how little we still know: Most of the theories about the Universe and it's birth are just theories and have no proof whatsoever : So it's real easy - Universe is alive and will give us anything we desire, we just have to careful what we wish for It's snowing again, everything gets covered with white blanket and starts to look nicer that it usually is : After reading Swami Saradananda's "THe power of breathing" started to realize again how important right breathing really is.

Have learned marshal arts for most of Fat Burner JYM Stoppla life and right breathing is an important part of any marshal art, but it seems that you have to breathe right only during the lesson and afterwards you forget all about it again : Yoga explains how important it is to control yourbreathing throughout your day.

Oxygen is a catalyzer for every process in body starting from digesting food and ending with training. Shallow superficial breathing will not let your body to function properly, the processes happening in it are shallow aswell, while deep breathing gives you full power of your body and mind.

Here in this place it is especially easy to forget all about it, it doesn't take much effort to lay on the bed or sit behind the table, so you have to remind yourself to breathe properly : Started to go through Sun Zi's "Art of war" on more time. This edition is for military college and has a prologue of Chinese history, customs and etc.

The time master Sun lived 6th century BC was a time for an endless fight between little kingdoms within Chinese territory.

As always - than more weathier the kingdoms grew than bigger armies they had and than bigger their appetite for warfare went : Really it should be the opposite- than wealthier than more peaceful. It's quiet here during holidays more quiet than usual so have more reason to look inside and form new ideas, let go old insults and arguments, think of loved ones and give birth to the plans for future.

There is something to be reminded to everybody on the planet-humanity wanted to rule over Mother earth for so long, starting from the dawn of Man.

Now we've had it for some centuries and look where our rule has taken us, human rule just kills the planet, more to it-it kills the man too together with the planet. Many religions tell us that we are helpless and every step that we take is predetermined, hell that is a big fat LIE. Every single one of us can do something to make a life on earth more friendly for environment for ourselves, for every living being on Earth starting from flower on the field and ending with the eagle on the sky.

Personal experience tells that the future is constantly changeing and depending from our actions, not written in stone million millions of years ago. We asked the bold position of the ruler of the Earth from Universe God and we got it, so let us be great -hearted rulers under whose rule the Earth will prosper and blossom.

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To all of my dear ones, to everyone on planet Earth-love, compassion, wisdom, and happyness! Let us all hope together, that Universe forgives us our sins and keeps us blessed and more importantly - let us all do something good to earn that forgiveness bless:!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Been a member almost two decades, so this was a tough decision. But it had to be done. Learned over the years that pretending to belong where you really don't is a bad option. It's been brewing inside for a long time, final decision came yesterday. Fat Burner JYM Stoppla called the deacon of the congregation and told that the Church can excommunicate.

The Deacon is a childhood friend who's always been supportive, well stay friends anyway. Had Keskmine kaalulangus P90x3-ga to read and meditate inside prison walls for almost two years now and than more did so than bigger the disruption. In conclusion- Your humble servants God is the Universe and the religion Universeism probably the only member so far : Guess even the world is new.

Being part of the Universe God permits to expel all intermediets in communication with Him Her : One cannot get absolution of sins by believing in somebody else, one can only get it by believing in Oneself. After one has dealt with his her actions and forgiven himself herself one gets absolution from Universe God aswell. Have the forgiveness for today, so universe to absolve and bless! Been actually a good year.

Solved many puzzles that looked real headaches at first, learned things that looked impossible at first : For the last ten days did a Kundalini yoga kryia with attached meditation every day. Those ten are taken from Liina Ravneet Elvik's book "Kundalini yoga". That was the first time when Fat Burner JYM Stoppla them in one row, effect is real good, puts the mind on a higher frequency:. For the speed and power been doing the same HIIT series during the walk, been avoiding the weightlifting machine because the lack of air is noticeable everywhere inside.

THis year a wonderful woman came back and is staying so far :straightened relations with Christian religion and Estonian Tax Department, learned to do new excercises and meditations of kundalini yoga, went through a whole lot of fascinating books, startin with the Quran and Norman Doidge "Changing Brain" and ending with the New Testament and Stephen Hawking's "Universe in a nutshell" and found out to witch religion do belong.

THat is without a doubt a list of success and it goes on : Found some real good physical excercises this year aswell The whole HIIT training is quite new Sent a letter of notice to European CPT comission about wrongdoings of this facility and got an answer wich said that it will be attached to CPT-s report to the Estonian government : That is quite a lot for a supermax prison, everyone has to agree: And all that thanks to Universe God whose guiding breath feels all the time and to the loved ones who's support is a real value- Thank you all!

Thanks to the Universe for this year, already the next will be even better! In a war a farmer saved a life of a Chinese emperor and emperor said that the farmer can have any reward that he wants. The farmer noticed a fancy chess table in emperors room and said: "I ask is that You double those fifteen pieces of grain which I put here on the first square of the chess table and total after 64square is a suitable reward.

Fat Burner JYM Stoppla Tervislik hommikusook abi kaalulangus

Emperor said: Hah, you could have asked anything and asked just for some grain, but ok. So they started counting: 15 on square 1, 31 on square 2, 63 on square 3, on square 4, on square 5, on square 6, on square 7, on square 8, on square 9, on square 10, on square 11, on square 12, on square 13on square 14 and so on Soon emperor understood that not China nor the whole world doesn't have that amount of grain and that his been tricked. He became very sad. But the farmer said : Fat Burner JYM Stoppla take only all that You have and leave YOu one bag for the spring as seed : THe farmer was content and the emperor relieved that he could still fulfill his promise : Knowledge, good emotions, skills and everything we desire are like grain- you have to put 15 on the table square and universe puts 31 to the next : Universe to bless!

Master Sun was a really wise man, so apprehending the text takes time:. Read today from a scientific magazine that our Sun had a twin in his early days 4.

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THey say that a little twin wonders around somewhere near. And that is the reason why Earth gets hit with large asteroid in every 30 million years. How much of it is theory and how much a fact doesn't come forward in and article but the work article bases on belongs to the scientists of Harvard university, so has to be quite serious.

Made think how little we still know about even our own solar system, not to speak of the others : But if we don't blow ourselves up or poison ourselves to death, we still get to the knowledge in the end : Still doing one Kundalini kryia a day with attached meditations.

Started to run some minutes during the walk. Steps must be controlled and soft because the floor is concrete, but its good for the heart and blood circulation.

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Happy new year for everybody! Wish that good dreams come true, bad dreams go away and we'll dream ourselves into better future this year! Future is changeing constantly depending on what we do today and how we visualize tomorrow, so let us do good today and see the better tomorrow : Universe to bless!

He doesnt owe anything, we just spent time together and always had themes to talk about that interested both sides- starting from sports and women ending with politics and religion. THe point is that he remembered, even sent money. Those who really have obligations, turned away hoping that time makes everybody forget and forgive.

Those who dont have any obligations remember and help In this place one gets to know who his friends really are : Those two years has given a wonderful opportunity- stripped out of everything and gave a clear slate start.

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Every time thinking of it makes to bow in gratitude. Learned in life many things, did a lot, but these years have opened a new whole universe : Doing every day some breathing excercises from the Power of Breathing and Kundalini Kryiawith meditation, eating less meat and sugar, today is an offloading or reloading day when only drinking water: Staying without food for 24 hours reloads the body, gets it time to clear.

Reading Bhagavad Gita, hinduistic view of things is interesting. Every good philosophy or practice in the world basically says same things - only by letting go the earthly desires, by totally controlling all senses and the mind true knowledge starts to uncover.

To go from here, let's say openly that capitalism as a social order or form of society is a fatal failure, maybe one of the greatest failures of a mankind. Capitalism is built on greed for a material-money and things what you can buy for money, that kind of foundation cannot be a base for a happy societi. Basically capitalism is a contest that can be named. THe winner is the one who has more money and the things in the moment of death.

Scientists say that when Man was still a hunter and gatherer back in the Stone age and there was a tribal order in societythe amount of time man used to Fat Burner JYM Stoppla on maintaining was four hours daily! Today tens of thousands of years later in our superorder society the man has to work eight hours daily and even that is nor correct- to consider getting to work and coming back from it and how much an average man thinks about work while off work is more correct to say that today the man lives as a slave of work.

While a stone age man hunted and gathered his few hours and had the rest of the day for himself and his loved ones, todays man is a corpse after his working day. The Fat Burner JYM Stoppla is that humanity has gone backwards in evolution since the stone age. Vastasin, et ma ei tea, ma olen ju pool-lähikontaktne. Isa: seda oleme me kõik. Reality check nr Oleme jah. Ma olen korduvalt mõelnud ka sellele, kuidas ma ei ole muidu iga oma köha või kurguvalu täheldanud ja on olnud aegu, kus ma läksin vabalt tööle 37,2 palavikuga.

Et miks nüüd ikkagi on üks viirus nii kardetud, mis on jah - väga nakkav, ent mida niivõrd suur osa põeb kergelt Ole hea ja ära saa valesti aru, lihtsalt ka minul on jonnimishetki, kus enam ei jaksa ja tahaks Fat Burner JYM Stoppla, et ma tõstan kaks kätt üles ja mul on Isegi kui tegelt üldse ei ole.

Nendel hetkedel meenub mulle pilt, kuidas mu isa või vend või vanaema oleks haiglas hingamisaparaadi all ja sisemus tahab sellest mõttest krampi tõmmata.

Eriti paradoksaalne on see, et seesama riskirühm, kelle pärast me kodus oleme ja väriseme ja kardame, ei lase end vaktsineerida. Hetk, ma pean lausa hingama selle peale, sest mu pulss tõuseb. Tahaks lausa karjuda. Pidasin isegi oma peres vestlust, et miks siis ei lasta. Teadlased, oma ala tipud, on selle kallal ju töötanud. Kuidas praegusel ajal kõik on järsku nii targaks saanud, et me lubame endal arvata midagi ükskõik mis teemast? Miks kardetakse seda, mis võib aidata olukorda parandada, aga mitte seda, mida sulle sisse süstitakse kui sa hingamisaparaadi all oled?

Oiiijaaah no ma ei tea. Minu otsus, peale kaalutlemist ja arutamist on, et ma käitun edasi nagu mittelähikontaktne, aga end ise Kaalulanguse pulgad inimene. Hoian end mõnda aega madalamal profiilil - ma olen sellest nii väsinud, et on aeg astuda radikaalsemaid samme.

Kui kellelgi jääb süst üle, siis ma võtaks, aitäh. Not even a smile!? Sero sighed in defeat. Not even the stupidest of dad jokes could get him to crack.

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He was kind of tired. He twirled around giddly, before tripping on his feet and faceplanting onto the ground. Sero chuckled, while Kirishima tried stifling his laughter as he helped Kaminari up.

He was blushing. It was after classes now, and Kaminari was taking advantage of that. Kaminari jolted awake. Sero looked at him expectantly. Whatever you want! Sero pulled Kaminari up hurriedly. Go, go! Short-circuit or something! Kaminari started pushing back. Do it! What am I even supposed to do?! What is this? Are you tryna fit Kaminari inside a Pokeball or something? She immediately stopped when she heard quiet, almost inaudible stifled snickers from next to her.

He turned to Mina. Mina Fat Burner JYM Stoppla to Sero, and they seemed to understand the same thing only by making eye contact. Mina smiled a mischievous smile. Her scheming smile returned to her face. She smiled even wider, if that was a possibility. It was like talking to a completely different person. People will hear you-! Are you stuttering?! You never stutter!

The desperate, flushed expression on his face was priceless. Over being teased. Because of a boy. He stopped, Lean Machine Fat Burner dropped her shoulders from her grasp.

It was silent for a while. His voice dropped from the high pitched screaming he was doing, back into its normal, monotonous tone. This conversation and Kaminari?